It’s been a while.

Hi Friends, I haven't written in quite a few months and other than a journal that I keep for Nora, I haven't felt the urge or had the energy to write. Some of that is simply due to having a toddler and other general busy "mom" things, some laziness, and some due to mental health.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Time, Toddlers and Toys

Nora is now 18 months old.  She is so full of life and she makes ordinary things seem much more fun than I ever noticed them being. Every moment is an opportunity for her to explore something new, find something to climb on and turn around to see if I am watching with a mischievous... Continue Reading →

Conquering New Parent FOMO

  First of all, I suppose I should define FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. My dream has always been to be a stay at home mom and until I became one, I said that I would never have FOMO. I naively thought that all of my previous life would just melt away and I would... Continue Reading →

Motherhood is:

I often have people ask me, “So, how does it feel to be a mom?” and I never really know how to answer that question. The first response that pops into my brain is usually: “busy but loving every minute of it!”. I have such a hard time trying to describe to someone how incredible... Continue Reading →

Embarrassing Mom Moment

Everyone likes a good ol' parenting fail right?! There have been no shortage of those for me and I am a big fan of learning to laugh at yourself! Life isn't always easy and sometimes being able to laugh at yourself is what can make it all seem a little less daunting! I have one... Continue Reading →


If there is one piece of "social" advice I could give new moms, it is to make mom friends! I did not realize the importance of this until I had Nora and honestly, friendships can change after having a baby. Your time is so much more limited and sometimes the thought of packing everything up... Continue Reading →


Guilt has been a surprisingly prevalent emotion for me as a new mom and I wanted to share some of why I feel guilt and what I have learned about feeling that way. As many of you know, I have struggled with Post-partum Depression and Anxiety. It is something that is there when I wake... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk About Mom Shaming

This isn't a story about how I have been mom-shamed. It is an effort to bring attention to the ridiculousness of it and to show how it can hurt. My mom always told me "If it isn't nice, don't say it". I think this should apply in all areas of our lives and especially on... Continue Reading →

Five Pieces of Advice for New Moms

When they say that parenting is a learning experience, they aren't kidding.  Becoming a mother is the thing that has challenged me most in life so far, but it is also the most incredible experience on earth. I thought that we were fairly prepared and knew what we were getting ourselves into, but I truly... Continue Reading →

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